2016 Hyundai Accent near Salt Lake City Utah

2016 Hyundai Accent near Salt Lake City UT

2016 Hyundai Accent

2016 Hyundai Accent near Salt Lake City UT

The 2016 Hyundai Accent serving Salt Lake City is a vibrant little hatchback for people who like to travel lightly. The vehicle has just the right amount of space to give passengers and drivers confidence while maintaining all the crucial features and benefits that they need. Consumers love vehicles like the 2016 Hyundai Accent serving Salt Lake City because of their affordable price tags and economical friendliness. The following is some information on the 2016 Hyundai Accent serving Salt Lake City for shoppers who are looking for something cute, comfortable and cost-efficient. They can contact Westland Hyundai for 2016 Accent specials and finance offers after reviewing the benefits.


2016 Hyundai Accent Sales serving Salt Lake City Ogden Logan UT  

Hyundai Accent InteriorSupport Every driver wants to visit an Ogden Hyundai Accent dealer serving Ogden Logan Salt Lake City Utah and pick up a car that has a cushy interior. The term cushy means comfortable and convenient for all inhabitants of the vehicle. The driver can enjoy things like the contoured command station and the steering wheel mounted controls. They will equally love the sunglass storage department, leather-wrapped shift knob and cruise control. Passengers will love the soft seat materials and the spacious cabin and cargo area.


2016 Hyundai Accent Fun and Friendly in the Salt Lake City Area

Hyundai Accent Exterior

The Accent's exterior is just plain fun. The fun starts with its youthful body and continues with its choice of happy colors. Consumers can choose colors such as Pacific Blue, Vitamin C, Boston Red, Century White and the like. Onlookers will marvel at the Accent drivers because of its jewel-like headlights and shiny alloy wheels. The rear spoiler and the coated windows give it an additional special touch that the other cars in its class do not have.


Test Drive at Ogden Hyundai Accent Dealer Serving Logan Salt Lake City Utah

Hyundai Accent Powertrain

The powertrain is an extremely important matter because it tells a shopper how fast he or she can go and how much money that person will have to spend on gas every week. The goal is to spend as little money as possible on fuel costs. The Accent comes with a 1.6-Liter GDI engine. The engine has 137 horsepower, which can provide the driver with a little kick. The best thing about the motor, however, is that it provides the driver with up to 38 miles per hour on the highway. The Accent is a wonderful vehicle for a person who has to drive a long distance to and from work. It's an amazing vehicle for a person who has to go to school or someone who likes to take frequent vacations, as well. The 38-MPH highway fuel efficiency puts the vehicle in a category of having one of the highest efficiency figures on the market. The fuel efficiency is exceptional for a vehicle that one can take home for a little more than $14,000.


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Hyundai Accent Mechanical

Some consumers love to look to your internet Hyundai 2016 Accent dealer for a car with lots of technical features. The Accent has enough tech to satisfy a tech savvy person without offending the old-fashioned person. One of the technical features that the vehicle has is the SiriusXM Audio System. Your Internet Hyundai 2016 Accent dealer will love to explain all the benefits that the SiriusXM Audio System has. It allows the driver to enjoy hands-free chatting by using the Bluetooth wireless system. The steering wheel mounted controls are additional features that drivers will love. Such controls will allow the driver to conduct tasks such as making phone calls, text messaging and listening to music from the steering wheel. Your Internet Hyundai 2016 Accent dealer has vehicles with these features.

Safety's First on the Accent
Hyundai Accent Safety

Safety is always important no matter what vehicle is in question. The Accent has a multitude of safety features that will make consumers feel safe and secure. One safety feature that the vehicle sports is six airbags. One can never have enough airbags in the vehicle. Another positive feature that the Accent has is the Vehicle Stability Management System. The Vehicle Stability Management System consists of a group of features that keep the vehicle still and stable during even the worst conditions. Traction Control and Electronic Stability Control are just two of the features that the vehicle has. Another feature that the vehicle has for safety is the Anti-lock Braking System. The Anti-lock Braking system is a feature that helps the vehicle to brace before an accident or maintain control during inclement weather. Brake Assist is a similar feature that works with the previously mentioned features. Westland Hyundai has many amazing options for customers that want to drive home a new Hyundai Accent. An interested person can contact Westland Hyundai for 2016 Accent specials and finance offers and ask about pre-approval. The dealer has programs for people with varying credit history and situations. The salesperson will surely not want to turn anyone down. An interested person can call the Ogden Hyundai Accent dealer serving Ogden Logan Salt Lake City Utah and schedule an immediate test-drive. The test-drive is the long drive that usually discloses whether the Accent is the right fit for the prospective customer. The salesperson takes the consumer on a ride so that he or she can gauge different aspects of the vehicle. The drive should help the person to come to a final decision on whether to give involved in a financial deal or not.

The above information is regarding the base model 2016 Hyundai Accent. Standard specs and features may change from year to year. Contact Westland Hyundai with any questions regarding the new or used vehicle you're inquiring about.